'Short Story, Tall Drink' Book Club and Virtual Membership Platform

Arming bar owners and their patrons with a good storyteller and a great drink.

ARMcomm's "Short Story, Tall Drink" virtual book-author platform promotes book authors in the short story genre through virtual 'Book Talks' of selected book authors as virtual guest speakers in restaurant and bar establishments throughout the world. [Think: 'Cheers' sitcom]

As part of the program, ARMcomm provides the establishments with condensed copies of the author's short story [prior to the previously-arranged date of the book author guest speaker virtual event] to be distributed to patrons while watching and listening to the pre-recorded video presented by the book author as s/he provides a reading of the short story.

The objective of the membership-based platform is to connect storytellers [published book authors] with other 'storytellers' [bar patrons, restaurant personnel] as patrons enjoy a tall drink while following along with a printed copy of the short story. Once the video concludes, patrons are elevated to a discussion about the story while sharing their own experiences, ultimately creating an interactive dialogue between patrons and among restaurant personnel, reminiscent of the 1930s 'Golden Age of Radio.'

Restaurant-Bar establishments pay a minimal monthly membership fee to ARMcomm as members of the "Short Story, Tall Drink" book club. The book author receives increased awareness and promotional opportunities to increase book sales. The patrons receive 'free' entertainment followed by constructive and positive conversations with other fellow patrons, providing a feeling of 'belonging' while learning, and ultimately making a new friend at a place 'where everyone knows your name.'

For more information and/or to sign up for a membership, contact Amy Gallagher at Amy@WriteARM.org

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About Amy Gallagher

About Amy Gallagher

Growing up with a father, a U.S. Army veteran, who worked in quality assurance over the F-16 fighter jet program and later, the production of the Apache helicopter, Amy's love of aviation was a natural byproduct of her childhood. After college graduation, Amy worked at an international pilot training facility in Dallas where the company also trained Air Force One pilots. Later, she launched a public relations department at an aviation advertising agency in Dallas where Amy managed both rotor and fixed-wing aircraft accounts.

Today, Amy manages her own agency where she promotes an aviation helmet manufacturer and works as a contributing writer for the UK-based AirMed & Rescue Magazine covering aviation, rescue, medical and military people and places throughout the world. Her articles have generated a strong global readership of 56 different countries which can be read at UNT.Academia.edu/AmyGallagher.

As a proud Blue Star military mother of a Blackhawk pilot and officer, Amy is a member of the National Association of Military Families, and proudly promotes and educates others about the published works of the nation's U.S. military veterans through the 'short story, TALL DRINK' book club & virtual membership platform.