Providing Writing Education for all Ages

Providing Writing Education for all Ages

Work with a Certified English Educator

Writing is a skill that can benefit anyone in any field of endeavor. ARMcomm Writing & Training strives to get students engaged in the writing process and help them understand the material they will be writing about.

Amy provides a range of writing education services. She has experience with the 4th - 12th grade STAAR writing program, as well as college tutoring and adult literacy teaching. She can provide valuable instruction in all areas of writing both educational and promotional.

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The Media Training Course is designed for corporate executives who need to build relationships with their respective media publications/outlets within the journalism profession, but first need to understand the dynamics within the relationship as well as the various communications styles of a journalist/reporter, the prime strategies practiced to redirect or 'bridge' a question and/ or conversation into the positive. This course is for those executives who don't particularly like journalists and need specific direction from a pro --- Amy Gallagher who has worked as a PR director for corporations and advertising agencies, as well as a journalist/reporter for magazines and newspapers.

Areas of expertise

Amy specializes in teaching 4th grade through college level students how to right proficiently and professionally for areas such as:

  • Curriculum writing
  • Scholarship essay writing
  • White paper writing
  • Research paper writing
  • Training module writing

Amy also provides seminars and workshops for corporations and organizations.

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